• Is Cookie Dough Edible?

    Is Cookie Dough Edible?

    We have often come across rumours about how Cookie Dough is unsafe and cause stomach ache, but that's not the case with Scoopski's Cookie Dough because it's completely edible. Read the blog to learn more!
  • Let's get lost in the world of Paper Towns...

    Let's get lost in the world of Paper Towns...

    We are all dibs for spreading peace around! Binge read these amazing works of literature on the ocassion of International Peace Day with your favourite companion- Scoopski Cookie Dough!
  • Baking as our Life Guru

    Baking as our Life Guru

    We all adore the baked goodies and how they fulfil every sweet craving of yours, but have you looked at it as a Life Guru.  Here's what Baking teaches us about the path of life!
  • Commandments penned by our Chief

    Commandments penned by our Chief

    These are the 5 Commandments laid down by our Chief to enjoy 2021 and we all must swear by it!
  • We have come to your rescue!

    We have come to your rescue!

    Quarantine has made us sad sloths, but the festivals surely deserve some enthusiasm! We have come to your rescue to show yo how things can be brightened up even during a pandemic!
  • Dropping Birthday Bombs!

    Dropping Birthday Bombs!

    We at Scoopski are so generous that on our Birthday we decided to give ya'all a treat!! Released a very unique, out-of-the-box (just like us..lol) flavour!
  • Trends born in the Quarantine!

    Trends born in the Quarantine!

    2020 was a nightmare for all of us, but I swear it went by in a swish. Here we are welcoming the new year with our expectations set not so high probably! But, 2020 was witnessed by the craziest of things from Binod to Rashi, we've seen it all!
  • Lights...Camera...Action


    Feeling bored of your monotonous, mundane lives? Doughn't be! Here are 5 movies that will make you laugh and cry at the same moment, basically will add that spice to your routine- obviously with our Scoopski Cookie Dough!
  • Best of both worlds!

    Best of both worlds!

    The lord has answered all our prayers, to bring to us the best of both world's! Pizza + Cookie = PIZOOKIE! It's time you bless your taste buds with our all new Pizookie!
  • New Year, Same Love!

    New Year, Same Love!

    Let's start the New Year with a bang! Celebrate with your family and friends and hope to bring in lots of joy, luck and love in the New Year!
  • Cookie Dough Truffles

    Cookie Dough Truffles

    What if we tell you that you don't have to wait for your next holiday to get your hands on the most exquisite and decadent chocolate truffles? You can make them in the comfort of your home and pop in as many as you like! It just takes 10 mins!   Recipe  Time Taken: 10 mins Servings = 8 pieces   You will need...
  • Cookie Dough Icecream

    Cookie Dough Icecream

    I scream, You scream, We all scream for....? Nah, This cookie dough ice-cream will be over before we can get to screaming!   Recipe Time Taken: 5 minutes Serving: 4 You will need : 1 pint of Vanilla Icecream 1 Pint of Cookie Dough Method: Roll the Cookie Dough into round balls or pieces Mix the cookie dough chunks with the ice cream (kept...



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