Baking as our Life Guru

What baking has taught us about life

{you know why baking is so therapeutic for some? It’s because there are so much to learn from it!} 

Here are some life lessons you will learn, while whipping out gems from the oven!

1. Do your own thing! 

Recipes are great to follow, but the flavour really comes in when you make the recipe (and story) your own!

2. Balance it out!  

Baking requires you to balance everything in the right amount, to get what you want. Just like that in life, you need to balance it out! 

3. Trial and Error(not)! 

Sometimes, baking takes time. A few burnt cookies, a sloppy cake... but eventually when you keep at it- you reach to just the perfect cookie and just the right moist cake! 

4. How it looks doesn’t matter! 

A cookie is delicious from the inside, no matter how flat or unshapely it may seem from outside. It’s what the inside is, that matters! 

5. Don’t Skimp on the Good Stuff

Have you ever read over a dessert recipe and thought, ‘I don’t have heavy cream, but I have some milk or the recipe calls for 250 gms of chocolate, but I'll just add 100 gms'? It rarely turns out fine.  Simply put, corners are there to keep you on track, not to be disregarded — it might put you ahead in the short run, but in the long run, it never seems to work out.

Life is about the simpler things!

Just like having a decadent cookie with a glass of milk. We're here to help you simplify baking with our delicious cookie dough variants. Click the button below to visit our website.

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