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If you're having a rough week, here are 5 feel-good movies of all times to watch while enjoying your jar of Scoopski Cookie Dough
Little Women
If literary classic are your jar of cookie dough, Little Women by Greta Gerwig will be an absolute delight to watch!
The Pursuit of Happyness
This film is very optimistic, feel-good and warm. If you're going through a rough patch in your life, hold on and watch this film.
La La Land
This movie is sure to leave you smiling at the end. It's beautifully scripted and will take you to a misty world where dreams can come true.
The Lion King
There's nothing like a piece of your childhood when you're feeling low. The Lion King is a nostalgic film that'll leave you feeling like 5 again.
The Intern
If working from home in this uncertain, yet fast-paced life is leaving you feeling anxious, this film will definitely make you feel better.
'There's nothing a jar of delicious cookie dough can't fix'
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