Is Cookie Dough Edible?

Is Cookie Dough safe to eat?

Do you believe Cookie Dough is Inedible?

Or we like to call it: 


Sorry, we know, your serious concerns are no time to joke. 
Recently we came across a video that stated all the possible risks of eating cookie dough, especially eating it raw. 
Now, we do not say the video was false. Rather, eating raw cookie dough may land you in trouble with stomach bugs, or salmonella. 
But we are here to tell you exactly how that would not be the case with Scoopski Cookie dough. 

Firstly, we make our cookie dough without any Eggs! 

Yes, 100% vegetarian. What we mean here is that unlike regular cookie dough that almost always contains eggs, which can put you at risk of catching any diseases like Salmonella or food poisoning, we come with the eliminated risk of the same since our basket contains no eggs, baby! 😎


Secondly, we do not use any raw flour for our cookie dough! So, we again make sure no Salmonella or allergies for you! 😊

Scoopski Cookie Dough also does not contain any preservatives, so the only side effects you are going to get are sugar rush and cravings! 🤤

Basically, any element that may come in between you and you enjoying a pint of Scoopski is taken care of and eliminated. So doughn’t worry, and spoon away!

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