New Year, Same Love!

A good idea to start another year is to do something for your loved ones! 

{Don’t know how to? Here’s 3 good ways to share some love at the starting of this year!} 

1. Throw a tiny luncheon for your family!

Doesn't have to be anything fancy, but nothing screams love as much as good food and dessert on a plate! 

2. Make a playlist or a movie list for your squad to watch! 

Trust us, Netflix and anything paired up (especially Scoopski) is definitely the new age, Sign Of Love!

3. Ummm, bake some love for them? 

Obviously, we were going to say this! Because baking is also loving! Whip up some quick cookies, you could use our Scoopski jars to help you with this!

Talking about showing love, you can definitely send across cute smol gifts (cookies🍪) using our Cookie Kit.🥳

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