Trends born in the Quarantine!

Wait, wasn't it August yesterday?

You’re right, time has flown, and if Instagram hasn’t reminded you yet, let us tell you it’s December and this nightmare of a year is finally coming to an end. We’re rounding up our favourite trends from the year and sharing a surprise at the end, so keep reading!

The Everything is Cake Trend

Obviously, what else could you expect from a dessert company? We loved it when people had so much time on hand that they were turning random things to cake.

The Dalgona trend

Remember when you were making 'pheti hui coffee' only to post an aesthetic picture on the gram? We might have gotten a little inspiration for one our most loved Cookie Dough flavours - Cappuccino. Have you tried yet?

Guess the Gibberish

Eefu canrid dis, you probably know what we're talking about! It was honestly hilarious seeing everybody's Instagram stories back then.

Who is Binod?

This viral trend left the internet wondering - who is Binod? While we still haven't found that out, the memes floating on the internet definitely made us smile!

Rasode me kaun tha?

Yashraj Mukhate has been the unsung hero through 2020 by sending epic meme content our way. We couldn't help but ask, 'Rasode me Kaun tha?' when we created the most epic dessert of all times - our Pizookie.

Sima Aunty

We're so proud of you if you haven't given into this trap of bingeing on Indian Matchmaking and if you have, let's us vibe on some more flexibility memes (IYKWIM) by following us on the gram because ultimately our efforts are meaningless if the stars aren't aligned.

To say the least, this year has been pretty eventful, but if you put your faith in phoney horoscope chart that claimed that 2020 would turn your luck around, here's a redemption.

Our TGI 2021 (Thank God it's 2021) box is the perfect way to kick 2020 out of our lives. 

Here's what the box contains:
1) Happy Feet and a reassured mind with Soxy toes socks and mask
2) Some instant gratification with an indulgent jar of Scoopski's edible cookie dough
3) Some soul-stirring tipsy tales with Get Sippin assorted cocktail mixes
4) A guilt-free gossip sesh with The Eat Better Co delicious munchies

This box retails for ₹ 1,440/-.

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