Why gift clients?

  • To Retain them

    Whether you’re trying to get them to become regular, or ensuring that they stay on with you it’s always good to show them you care. Send over a gift basket unannounced without any reason, or just carry one to the office on your next visit, and Bam! You’ve now got them thinking about you with a more favorable outlook i.e. they’ve got one more good reason to continue with you!

  • To reward their Loyalty

    They say loyalty is royalty, and what better way to reward a loyal client than by sending over a basket of delicious desserts along with a thank you note for their faith and support. Congratulations, you’re one step closer to adding assurance and emotional attachment to your professional relationship.

  • For a Client's Anniversary

    Do you actually remember an anniversary with a client? Now that is definitely a wish that cannot go without a fitting basket of goodies. Look no further, Scoopski’s got you covered with our customizable range of gift baskets.

Why gift employees?

  • Occasional Gifting

    Nothing says ‘Holiday’ better than a basket of gifts to enjoy with their families. Whether it’s Christmas, Diwali, Holi, or even something special like National Employee Appreciation day - We’ve got a curated option of gift baskets to show them how much you care!

  • To congratulate them for a personal milestone

    Whether smashing a target or completing another year working with you, the employee in question would absolutely love to gobble up some delicious goodies while he has his moment.

  • To welcome a family member

    Becoming a parent is never easy, especially if you have a full time job. As a boss, it’s great to show your employees that you’re happy for them and appreciate them choosing to work for you in this precious time of their life. Say thank you with a wholesome box of Scoopski!

  • Pregnancy

    If an employee is pregnant, as a boss you NEED to make her feel warm and welcomed - it’s the highest tribute society can pay to a working woman. Create a lively, joyful environment in your work space and appreciate her efforts with a gift basket she can savour!

  • To congratulate them for Marriage/ New Home

    Such personal developments in an employee’s life mark the start of a new chapter for them. Make your employees feel special and motivate them to take the company and their job forward in full swing in this new chapter, with a box full of doughliciousness!

  • To Welcome them back

    A long leave, a sabbatical, WFH, show your employees you care about them and reward them on their return to work with the sweetest and most indulgent motivation any boss can conjure

  • Onboarding

    The warmest welcome you can give to a new team member, to show them how valuable an addition to the organisation they are - Gift them a customized gift box and encourage them to work with a sense of belonging and responsibility

  • To Reward Loyal Employees

    In today’s times it’s common to jump jobs and switch frequently. Having a set target of years that your employees complete, and rewarding them for it helps motivate them to continue with you on your journey to growing the business. And honestly, rewards don’t come much more delicious than our gift boxes!

  • As an Annual Day Gift

    Celebrate your company’s birth anniversary by spreading love and deliciousness. Fill the room with good vibes by presenting each employee with our gift boxes as a show of appreciation.

  • To Share an Achievement

    A big win deserves an appropriate celebration! Mark business wins and milestones by spreading some doughliciousness among the employees with our customized gift sets.

  • Promotion

    Adding a gift basket to the mix while sending over a promotion letter just makes the employees day that much sweeter (pun intended)! Show them that you’re recognizing good work, and make them work harder for the next one.

  • Retirement

    Nothing says ‘Thank You’ better than our small batch jars of happiness in a curated gift basket for your retiring employees. Thank them for their service with this fitting show of gratitude from our range of gift boxes.

  • When they Save the day / Go the Extra Mile

    An employee that’s put in extra hours to get the job done, or another who’s gone out of his way to seal the deal…this kind of effort needs rewarding. Exemplary performances deserve indulgent gifts to set them apart from the rest and show the others that when you outperform, it doesn’t go unnoticed. A decadent gift basket from Scoopski is just what the occasion calls for!

Gifting for Special Occasions?

Weddings, Marriages or other such celebrations

When you want people to join in the happiness and celebrate a personal milestone like a wedding ceremony, why not send over a little happiness along with the invite?

Dry fruits and conventional sweets are done to death…but that’s where we come in.

A revolutionary sweet twist that looks good, tastes good, and feels oh so doughlicious!

Customize our gift baskets basis your needs, sizes, flavours, whatever your need!

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