Desserts with no preservatives, no eggs, no raw flour


Get ready to change the way you look at sweets.
We're bringing the dessert revolution to India.
Desserts aren’t just what you’ve seen them to be, they can be so much more. SO MUCH. What if we told you that with Scoopski you can dessert differently every day of the week?

Our curated jars are created with the utmost care, love, rainbows and the same idea behind every product
make indulging easier, more efficient and much more interesting.

A cake today. A cookie tomorrow. A Shake Today. A spoonful tomorrow.
The Scoop's In your court!

Made with no preservatives and completely natural ingredients, we are the first dessert makers to create cookie dough with a shelf life of 6 months. This means you can stock up without the fear (and guilt) of a
decadent indulgence!

Whether you’re happy and in the mood to celebrate, sad and gloomy, or just in the mood to contemplate - a jar of Scoopski by your side just makes life a wee bit batter!

And with new products in the works, we’re doing everything we can to make your dessert eating experience hassle-free, fun and easy.


No Egg

No Raw Flour

No Preservatives

Get to know us

Doughpest Reviews

Yash Shah

“The perfect companion for my midnight binges”

Netflix and chill has a new meaning with these scoopskis. I love unwinding after a long day of work with an episode of Brooklyn99 and a jar of peanut butter cookie dough. Current favourite!

Founder & CEO, The Address

Vidushi Kanoria

“we end up fighting over the last jar”

My husband always stops me from ordering these because sharing your Scoopski is not an option. So now we just order separate batches to avoid fights. Haha.

Co-Founder, Soxytoes

Armaan Agrawal

“My home smells like heaven”

If smell had an aesthetic this would be it. GREAT taste, lovely packaging and delicious flavours. You guys need to start a loyalty program or I’m going to go broke.

Head of Partnerships, UpScalio

Sweta Poddar

“My four-year-old is allowed a second jar”

And she also finishes all her greens if I promise her an extra spoon. Effortless, so convenient and god sent. Scoopski has made me "Mom Of The Year".

Montessori Teacher


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